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About This Course

The course introduces healthcare professionals and people who are interested in data protection in health, in the basic concepts of the GDPR in healthcare. The course will last approximately 10 hours.

The lesson:GDPR Regulation and Healthcare sector includes 4 units in which the history of EU data protection, doctors’ responsibilities, risk assessment procedures and rights of patients are analyzed and presented.

Unit 1: lists the basic responsibilities and duties of a DPO, as well as the importance of the Data Processors and Controllers. 

Unit 2: contains information on the importance of handling data breaches, as well as the basic patients’ rights in EU. 

Unit 3: describes the basic digital threats that exist in our world. Moreover, it introduces the learner to the basic functionalities of the new E-health plan. 

Unit 4:includes a summary of the main historical aspects of the GDPR as well as the main responsibilities of doctors in processing and protecting personal and health data 


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Course Staff

Theodor Grassos, Development Manager, AMC

The instructor holds a BSc from Athens Law School and a MA in European Studies and has a vast experience of over 15 years in EU Funded Projects, directing Multinational Teams and multilingual teams in over 15 different countries.

Mrs. Aspasia Mousoulidi, Trainer/Consultant, AMC

The instructor works in multiple European Projects related to Data protection and ICT. She holds a good command of English, German and Greek and she has work as a Researcher in social inclusion themes in National Centre of Research in Greece.

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